Back at it! This time I'm sharing with you products that I've been using heavily in the last year. Enter PUR HOME cleaning products. A black-owned brand that I stumbled across on Instagram. If you're not familiar with me or my blog - you will quickly learn that I am all for healthier alternatives. BETTER alternatives in the name of health and wellness AND I am an avid supporter of businesses that aren't commercialized in the mainstream. 

What we choose to put on our skin and in our bodies can either elevate or hold back our lifestyle goals. The products you use in your home everyday are no different. Many of the products used to manufacture many of the products we see in stores today are loaded with ingredients that have been linked to things like cancer, women suffering from PCOS, and other health ailments. So, naturally, being discerning of the items you welcome into your world is a skill worth using. 

Angela, the owner and creator of PUR HOME knows a thing or two about green cleaning. I was happy to find that she carries a line of products that can be used all throughout your home. From laundry care to cleaning your dirty mirrors. 

As a mother, making the best decisions for the future when it comes to everything is always a priority. It never made sense to make a decision that lacked consideration for "later on'. My first purchase from this brand was in February 2019. At the time I was using another black owned detergent mostly for my laundry but I needed more options. I was able to give PUR a go with these 4 items: 

Laundry Soap Power (32oz) - $15.95 (no longer available)

Note, the prices may be less or more as of the writing of this post. They've made a few adjustments with the packaging and such. My first order was also mostly consisting of the liquids in glass bottles, which is a big reason why I initially purchased from them. Recycle, reuse. The new packaging is now plastic for reasons related to the business side of things. 

Just a quick share that I've purchased at least 3-4 more times before 2019 ended. The soap powder is literally my favorite for my laundry. The citrus along with the sandalwood and patchouli scents are my favorites. I have the laundry powder in mint and lavender as well. I have them all in the 64 oz bag packaging which is also no longer available. It seems the laundry powder is now only available in a 100 oz size for $30

The Green Home Bundle in scent lavender and lemon, was $35 at time of purchase, and includes a bathroom cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, and multi-surface scrub cleaner (works great in bath tubs). I can not get enough of this smell!
I later ordered the rosemary and citrus scented products in the concentrated floor cleaner ($8.99) and glass/window cleaner ($6.99). I'm not sure if the floor cleaner is no longer available or not as it's not listed on the site as of this post. The castile soap ($18.00) is great if you like to experiment with making your own cleaners. Love the peppermint scent for this. I grabbed two dish soaps. One scent is in spearmint-peppermint-eucalyptus- and tea tree. The other I got with bergamot - sweet orange - and grapefruit. 

Overall, I have yet to be disappointed with any of the products from PUR HOME. The scents are all lovely and well put together, the price point is fair, and the customer service is pretty great! Definitely looking forward to purchasing more in the future. 

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