Make milk herbal lactation tea


milk herbal lactation tea

My journey of being a mom these past 8 months have been a great learning experience for me for many reasons. When I chose to pursue attachment parenting, that was something I strongly wanted – so naturally, breastfeeding was to be apart of that. Having that unbreakable bond is important to me.

From the day my son was born, I knew breastmilk would be the ONLY nutrition he would need. I don’t trust store-bought formula at all! After many months of sore boobs and cracked nipples – my milk production began to slow down.

This is normal however, considering breastmilk produces what’s needed according to the feeding pattern of the baby. So the more my little guy began to become independent, the lesser milk I produced. I plan to be doing more this year so I needed my lactation to be A1 to where I can pump a few bottles with no worry instead of having to flip the boobs out whenever I’m out and about.

After shopping in Target one night and discovering the Organic Mother’s Milk Tea, which isn’t as authentic looking as you can see below – I was then introduced to Tea Solutions on Instagram where the owner reached out to me to check out her products. They all seemed so great that I reached back out and asked if I could review her Make Milk Lactation Tea.

milk herbal lactation tea

milk herbal lactation tea

milk herbal lactation tea

Natasha (owner of My Tea Solutions), creates her own loose leaf tea by hand for various things. Her current teas:

  • Create Life Fertility Tea
  • Get Sassy Metabolism Tea
  • Minty Pomegranate Energizing Tea
  • Get Glowing Pregnancy Tea

So of course, you don’t necessarily have to be a mom to check out her wonderful products! The ingredients are all organic and in their most natural state. As a mom herself, she knew exactly what I needed when it came to milk production.

I drank her tea for the recommended 3 days – 3 cups per day – and to be honest after day one, I saw a HUGE improvement in my lactation. I woke up the next morning and my breast were fuller than normal. They hadn’t gotten that full since my son was about 5 months… and they hurt so I had to pump quickly lol.

This isn’t hype or fluff. Her teas are magic!! They work!! Unlike teas in-store, her blended teas look devine in both presentation and taste. Each bag comes with its own muslin bag so you can easily brew whenever you’d like. You can even request that your tea comes prepacked if you desire.

milk herbal lactation tea

The Make Milk Herbal Lactation Tea “has a light profile, with the sweet comforting taste of chamomile and a hint of cinnamon.” You can choose to drink this tea hot or cold. I prefer hot – yum!

Ingredients include

  • Fenugreek (spice used to stimulate milk flow)
  • Alfalfa
  • Nettle
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Chamomile
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Cinnamon Chips

Overall – I give this a 10 out of 10 for sure! SO if you’re seeking to become a mom for the first time, get a little help regulating your milk, or even need an energy boost, give the teas a try! I’ll surely be trying more teas from her in the future. Be sure to give her a follow and tell her I sent you her way!

If you’re taking any medications, do consult with your doctor before purchasing. The teas are not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease.

How do you keep your milk production at its best?

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  1. This post is so key for me right now! My son is 8 months and I'd been going through the Mother's Milk tea entirely too fast and not too sure of the results. I hope to try this one soon!

    It's so refreshing to see a post that reads as if I could have written it! 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome!! I'm so glad you stopped by and that my post helps. My son is 8 months as well + he's super greedy so this tea has been a life-saver for me in so many ways. Be on the look out for more about her teas from me. Possible giveaway in the future 🙂

  3. Is this tea for sale?I clicked on the link and it doesn't take me anywhere.

  4. Unfortunately, she had to close her shop until further notice.

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