Compulsive Polish Lover| Cantaloupe Sorbet

Check out my nails from last week. It was kind of a random selection of colors one night. This was also the nails I had in my previous post, Mirror Check| Thrift to Pastel Pump. Super fun and the colors reminded me of cantaloupe fruit, yuuum! How do you like it?

For color selection, this is what I used:

(From Left to Right)
1. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (Mint Sorbet)
2. E.L.F Nail Polish (Coral Dream)
3. Art Deco Nail Art Laquer (Yellow) 

I believe it was about 2AM when I decided to paint my nails. All I did was polish my nails with the elf polish. I then took the mint sorbet color and painted the tips, minus the one with half mint. After that, I took the yellow and pretty much just drew lines. Easy, simple, and quick. Don't forget to add your top coat. ^_^


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