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Check out my nails from last week. It was kind of a random selection of colors one night. This was also the nails I had in my previous post, Mirror Check | Thrift to Pastel Pump. Super fun and the colors reminded me of cantaloupe fruit, yuuum! How do you like it?

nail's color cantaloupe sorbet

For color selection, this is what I used:

used products for cantaloupe sorbet nail's color

(From Left to Right)

  1. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (Mint Sorbet)
  2. E.L.F Nail Polish (Coral Dream)
  3. Art Deco Nail Art Laquer (Yellow)

I believe it was about 2AM when I decided to paint my nails. All I did was polish my nails with the elf polish. I then took the mint sorbet color and painted the tips, minus the one with half mint. After that, I took the yellow and pretty much just drew lines. Easy, simple, and quick. Don’t forget to add your top coat. ^_^

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  2. Very impressive for 2am manicure! I am in love with that elf color! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you and no problem! 🙂

  4. oyun hileleri indir

    Very impressive.color..

  5. Thank you!!

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