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It’s been approximately 9 weeks and 4 days since I gave birth to my first child EVER! I still can’t believe that I’m someone’s mom. My family and even I always thought I’d be some super successful whatever before I ever had children. But I guess my life map had other things planned for me. This pat month has been the best ever… aside from deeper and more personal things. Baby Channing is the everything that’s getting me through it all and holding me together.

Our usies from this past Sunday

Our “usies” from this past Sunday 🙂

Enjoy the personal photos while you read lol.

Let me first start off by sharing how his name came about. If you’re familiar with the HOT actor Channing Tatum, that’s it. Case closed. His middle name is also after another actor I enjoy…Keanu as in Keanu Reeves or “Neo” from the Matrix. Don’t judge me.

how his name came

Well, here’s my story. It was a nice day, chilling on July 21st, 2014. A few weeks before I had been and stayed up on my feet. So I got around a lot when it came to walking outside, around the house…wherever. The final week upon Channing’ arrival I had been re-arranging and re-organizing my room to prepare for baby. The day he was born, I had JUST hit 39 weeks. I had gone to the doctor 3 days prior and the OB wanted to induce me this week. I told her I wasn’t having it and didn’t want to be induced. So I continued to let my little guy come when he got good and ready.

first bath in hospital

A few hours old and after first bath in hospital.

That Monday evening, I had JUST finished cleaning up. FINALLY. As soon as I took a seat to rest, all I felt was a huge warm liquid start falling out my goods. No, it wasn’t this huge splash but it was surely a waterfall of sorts. I stood up and just let it run out. It was OBVIOUSLY my water breaking. I also knew because my mucous plug came plopping out right behind it. SO COOL! The dripping would stop, then continue…then stop… and continue. I walked up to my door and told my mother my water had broken… all she did… GET DRAMATIC AND FALL AGAINST THE WALL -__- lol smh. She was so scared, excited, and upset that she cried and instantly called 911…

Baby on Swaddle wrap

He found a way to pop a hand out of his Swaddle wrap

It took less than 5 minutes for the paramedics to show up. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my room, music playing… singing to myself as if I didn’t just have my water gush out of me. All I see when I look up are 4 super tall …and handsome guys in my doorway. Talk about embarrassed… with me wearing my “grannie” gown with a huge belly in the way lol. One guy checked my vitals and all then they kept asking if I was okay or in any pain… which I wasn’t at all. For some reason they thought that was surreal. I guess they’re use to women acting all types of wild when their waters break. I was cool and real calm. Another paramedic truck came through to carry me to the hospital. On the way, I was having contractions…nothing major.

Baby 10 centimeters

child showing tongue

Got to the hospital. Went through the standard check in, changed clothes, etc. I was chilling in a waiting room in bed until they got a delivery room ready for me. By this time, my contractions were starting to get a bit stronger. Prior to going into labor, I had already dilated 2 centimeters so I knew it was only a matter of time. THE BIRTH PLAN was to go “au naturale” BUT the nurses just…lawwd. PLUS I had to be on an IV for something known as B Strep. So having to get the antibiotic kept me from being able to do as much walking while I labored that I hoped to do. It was about 7ish when I got to the hospital.

So as I chilled in the bed awaiting my 10 centimeters… my contractions kept getting stronger and stronger. When people ask how these things feel…I’ll just say think of period cramps that make you grip onto your bed sheets, grit your teeth, and shake. That’s what they made me do. I was soooo PISSED that I couldnt walk through my contractions. It really helped when I stood up and moved but after about 2-3 hours of dealing with extreme contractions by the time I hit 5-6 centimeters, they gave me the dreaded epidural. I was always against these because of horror stories but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. It’s just no fun having to force yourself still during contractions that came every few seconds. FIX IT JESUS!

Baby 8 Weeks Old

8 Weeks Old

There were a few things going on after I got the epi…

  • My lower half and legs were super dead. Couldn’t feel a thing.
  • The nurses would come in back to back doing ultrasounds, feeling up my goodies, and getting on my nerves.

  • My little man had my stomach looking all scary and caved in… (I don’t want to share that alien photo lol)
  • I was starving.
  • The contractions increased and by 3ish AM, I had made it to 10 centimeters. That was quick.

The staff began setting up the room for delivery. When I say I felt like I was going through an out of body experience, it really felt that way. Being in there knowing I was about to shoot a kid out my lady parts didn’t hit me… at least until he actually shot out.

Sidenote… when I was pushing, that nurse was irking my nerves. Aren’t they suppose to assist in pushing? I mean dang.. I couldn’t tell if I was pushing or not. -_-

Anywho, THE MOMENT little Channing came out, I instantly shed tears and started crying like a big baby. That was the greatest moment I’ll ever experience. Childbirth is beautiful. He came out with lungs of steel! He was also VERY alert, had an awesome, strong grip, and would lay on me, holding his head up …whoa. He stayed in my arms from birth to when we were moved to the post birthing suite. He is a breastfed baby sp I would then feed him. We went through the typical hospital procedure of awaiting his first bath, having several visitors, his circumcision, doing paperwork for his legal things, etc. We then left the hospital 2-3 days later.

Since being home, he’s been PERFECT. He is perfect…

Things I love about this little person

  • Everything …lol
  • His peaceful …always asleep sleeping
  • His laughs while he dreams
  • His smiles whether he’s awake or sleep
  • His mean-mugs
  • The face he make when he suddenly poops…
  • Those LOUD lungs of his when he cries

9 weeks Motherhood

I could go on and on. But in a nutshell, that’s my birth story. He continues to grow and change daily. I already feel he’s growing way too fast and it’s only been 9 weeks. So not fair! Motherhood though… I can dig it.

Do you remember your first experience with having a kid? What do you remember most when you gave birth?

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  1. Awww…birth stories are so amazing in every way no matter what the details (and I've been through it 4 times myself…lol). Little Channing is absolutely darling. Congratulations and many many blessings!

  2. Yes they are indeed! Thanks so much!!

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