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Welcome to Shades of Brown, a blog series centering around black beauty and love for all things flawlessly flawed. The goal is to allow women like you to express how our flaws make us who we are. The focal point of this will be the shade of lipstick each woman will wear to describe her divine power. 

Today we're loving on Amber Janae, a blogger who encourages me to always show myself love and live fearlessly!  If you haven't discovered her Self-Love Sundays, you're missing out. She's also an author you want to know! Her spirit has always been beautiful to me and we've only connected via the inter-webs. She dominates in the balance between classy and sexy! Get to know HER...

1. "A beautiful thing is never perfect." - What does that reflect for you?
The above is a reflection of me. It’s a reflection of every unique soul on this earth. If we expect to be our best and beautiful selves we will never be perfect. The beauty is in the ability to embrace the imperfections and wear them as a badge of honor, not be ashamed of them. 

2. My definition of flawless beauty is owning everything about you. When I think of flawless beauty it is less about the image or how a person looks. To me it is more about the actions displayed. Are you confident? Do I look at you and get inspired instantly to love me just a little bit more? Flawless beauty is loving the skin you’re in no matter what it looks like. 

3. What do you feel more women should do to show more appreciation for themselves? 
As women we can learn to do a lot. One of the biggest things is stop down playing ourselves. We tend to shrink ourselves out of fear of appearing overly confident or self-absorbed. When we do that we are creating the belief in our own minds that we are only half of what we really are. We need to learn to appreciate ourselves by learning that we are more than what we say we are. We are not our thoughts. When we learn to be confident we develop a new found appreciate for self. That appreciation has no choice but to trickle down into other areas in our lives. 

4. I'm beautiful because I am unapologetically me. I am beautiful because I see no limits in how far I can grow, always striving to be a better version of the person I am at this very moment. I am beautiful because I know that my external appearance says less about who I am as a whole, it’s more about what’s going on internally. I am beautiful because I know that no matter what I wear and how I wear it doesn’t define me. I am beautiful because I know the power of loving other women for their beauty too, fully accepting and understanding that the beauty of my sister does not diminish my own. I am beautiful because I love with no bounds or limitations. I am beautiful because I am forever true to me. 

5. I wear this Smoked Purple lipstick because it signifies my strength. 
When I wear it I feel powerful. I feel beautiful. I wear it because it reminds me that even the darkest shade hold timeless beauty. This shade reminds me to be fearless.

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