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ELF brush shampoo

Yes… another ELF product review. I love their stuff (mostly from the Studio Collection) – not all of it though. I purchased their brush shampoo and their makeup mist and set a couple of months ago just to check it out. If you haven’t checked out my top faves from ELF, you totally should. I recommend those products highly!

I normally clean my brushes thoroughly with an ACV mix I put together or if it just needs  a quick clean, I’d use their daily brush cleaner. Both work quite well for me. I have a makeup brush case that I store all of my brushes in (including the 12-piece Coastal Scents set it came with.) – You can check that out here. My experience with using their shampoo:

  • The shampoo is very mild and doesn’t smell over-powering. PLUS!
  • It doesn’t get super bubbly, which I appreciate.
  • Gives my brushes a very good cleaning.

I’ve used the shampoo for the pat two months and have not experienced and shedding or dryness on my brushes. For the price, I’d say it works just as great as any high-end brush cleaner. You can get it for $3 here.

Normally after I get all glowed up with makeup, I set with  a powder and go on about my day. When I first learned to apply makeup, I had a bad experience with “makeup mists”. I legit sprayed too much, too close to my face and my foundation pretty much looked like it was melting off my face lol – I was a novice back then y’all. Thanks to YoutTube beauty gurus, I got my life right! The makeup mist is:

  • Lightweight and allows my face to breathe.
  • Is free of alcohol so no dry face here!
  • Made with aloe, green tea, and a few vitamins to keep skin moisturized and smooth.

I applied the mist maybe 4 times in the past two months. Each time, my makeup, I would say lasted long enough for me to rock my look. I don’t keep makeup on all day so it works out for me. It also kept my face looking fresh! If you feel you need to freshen up a bit after a few hours, a little spritz wouldn’t hurt. You can get the mist here for $3.

What do you use to set your makeup? Have you tried this elf product?

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