An epic list of 100+ black owned businesses to support this month


list of 100 black owned businesses

August is coined as Black Business Month and I am all for supporting our own community! I’ve put together a list of over 100 black businesses and services you can support this month and every month after. Many of them I’ve purchased from and many I plan to support in any way I can.

The spending power, or “Black buying power” of people of color is estimated at OVER $1.1 TRILLION with a scale climbing to $1.4 trillion by 2019!! Problem with that number is, we don’t have much to show for it within our local communities. To effectively create Black economics, we have to first get in the habit of supporting our own as much as we can. Make it a challenge to not give your money to MAC cosmetics, Nike, Dove soap, and other major brands and instead avoid the flash and toxic chemicals by supporting any business in this list instead.

List of black-owned businesses

MealSaps (originally FinesseHaven) – Website

Brown Vegan – Website

Sweet Potato Soul – Website

Healthyself360 – Website

Black Girl In Om – Website

Eden’s Touch Bread Co. – Website

The HoodWitch – Website

Food Heaven Made Easy – Website

Queen Afua Heals – Website

Soul Fire Farm – Website

Healthy Food Hub – Website

Black Women’s Health Imperative – Website

Cosmetics – nailcare

Joy Lorraine Cosmetics – Website

Ka’Oir Cosmetics – Website

Magnolia Makeup – Website

Black Opal – Website

Lamik Beauty – Website

Valana Minerals – Website

MDM Flow – Website

Vera Moore Cosmetics – Website

Hue Noir – Website

Black Up Cosmetics – Website

The Lip Bar – Website

Polish + Co – Website

Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquers – Website

Ginger + Liz Colour – Website

IMAN Cosmetics – Website

Fashion Fair – Website

Fashion – apparel – accessories

SPGBK Wood Watches – Website

Lost Queens – Website

(Men) Dapper Black Box – Website

ToBNatural – Website

TessWorldDesigns – Website

Bohten Eyewear – Website

Lunaversoul Jewelry – Website

Negash83 Footwear – Website

Jypsea Leathergoods – Website

Ariel Brands – Website

(Men) Sherman Preston – Website

Madelyn + Ruby – Website

SoleRebels – Website

(Men) Social Status – Website

(Men) Kings Rule Together – Website

Jibri – Website

The Wrap Life – Website

Hillman Bookstore – Website

(Men) Talley + Twine Watches – Website

Joan’s Bridal Couture – Website

Eye Love Eyewear – Website

Rachel Stewart Jewelry – Website

D Piper Twins – Website

Media – radio – news

Channel 10 Podcast – Website

Hannibal Is At The Gate – Website

Sesi Mag – Website

Blavity – Website

Subscription boxes

Cocotique – Website

CurlBox – Website

CurlKit – Website

(Men) Dapper Black Box – Website

Intimates – beauty – skincare

ME Naturals – Website

Melanin Reigns – Website

Butter Me Up! – Website

(Women) Nubian Skin – Website

(Men) Bevel – Website

Shea Butter Cottage – Website

(Men) Solo Noir For Men – Website

(Men) Its Da Balm – Website

Candi Naturals – Website

Herbaceutikals – Website

Lauren Napier – Website

BeeLux – Website

Belle Butters – Website

Mom – baby – children – teens

HBCU Pride + Joy – Website

Mo’s Bows – Website

You! Lingerie – Website

Honey Child Co. – Website

Joshua’s Heart – Website

Natural Hair Shop – Website

Pretty Brown Girls – Website

My Lela – Website

Yummy Mitt – Website

Natural Girls United – Website

Kaans Designs – Website


Oyin Handmade – Website

Eden Bodyworks – Website

Tropic Isle Living – Website

Alikay Naturals – Website

Uncle Funky’s Daughter – Website

Qhemet Biologics – Website

Soultanicals – Website

Lawrence Ray Concepts (LRC) – Website

My Honey Child – Website

Karen’s Body Beautiful – Website

WonderCurl – Website

Jane Carter Solution – Website

Koils By Nature – Website

Kurlee Belle – Website

Toni Dailey – Website

Lifestyle – home goods

B. Smith – Website

Pleasant Paper Company –  Website

Interior Motives – Website

Ali Sandifer Studio – Website

WeMontage – Website

Reflektion Designs – Website

Simply Scents – Website

Calabar Imports  – Website

Money + finance + consulting

Start Young Financial – Website

Beverages – wines – spirits – smokes

Bee Sweet Lemondade – Website

Brown Estate Winery – Website

Ellis Island Tropical Tea – Website

Love Cork Screw – Website

Sociologie Wines – Website

Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars – Website

Fine arts – stationary – crafts – photography

Akujixxv Art + Prints – Website

The Black Art Depot – Website

Yes Lioness – Website

CreateHERStock – Website

That Artista – Website

Kashmir Viii – Website

Debbie Allen Dance Academy – Website

Who will you be supporting this month? Share any business you’d like to add to this list in the comments! Let’s spread the word!

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  1. This list is so comprehensive! Thanks Neosha for the info. I'll definitely be in support of as many of these business as I can afford to.

    Happy Tuesday

  2. Great! You're very welcome!

  3. Great list! Thanks for providing it. 🙂

  4. No problem at all!!

  5. This is wonderful!!! Can we add to the list? Its a millennial branding & career coaching business.

  6. Sure thing!!

  7. Thanksss!

  8. Wonderful list. If you don't mind, I'd like to pass it on to the mods at

    Also, please add KolourConscious to the list. Their subscription boxes are made up of Black-owned businesses.

  9. This is a MONSTER of a post. Hate I missed it then, glad I caught it now, continue to inspire! #supportblackbusiness

  10. Thanks and I sure will! I have a second list going up next month! Will surely add you there.

  11. Thank you for including us ( on this list!

  12. You're so welcome Aaron!

  13. Thank you so much including the Art of Chanel Christoff Davis! We appreciate you putting this list together!!!

  14. No problem at all! You're welcome!

  15. is an online variety shop catering to metaphysical, skincare and wellness.

  16. Can you add Hello To Natural to your list of skincare companies? They are at

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