Saturday Night Studio Love| Jhene Aiko

Do you remember this gorgeous songstress? Many of you might not but if you once had a thing for the guys of vintage boy group, B2K, then you may have seen her a few times. The then 15 year old, Jhene Aiko was signed to T.U.G Records/ Epic Records with Chris Stokes alongside B2K. Many people knew her as Lil Fizz's "cousin" even thought they're not related. 

She also made a cameo as the girl in the headphones in the B2K-"Uh Huh" video. She left the labels to continue her education. In 2008, she gave birth to a babygirl, Namiko, who's father happens to be O'Ryan. You may remember his as well. The brother of singer, Omarion. He dropped a few songs too but didn't really go mainstream. In you listen to Drake, you heard her on the 2010 single, "July". In 2011, Jhene signed to the No I.D. label, Atrium, which is distributed through Def Jam. She will be 24 March 16th. Overall, the girl has a beautiful voice and I really enjoy her music. Check out two of my favorites. Enjoy.


"Take a hit of this and then...tell me how you feel. [Tell me how good it feels.] When you can't rid of it then.. Thats how you know its real. I'm forreal. Oh I will."

2008-"Wait No More"

"Boy the love is there,so there's no need for rushing. You can come right here, but don't you start that touching. It'd be so much better if we'd let this build up, it's worth the wait for something bigger.."

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  1. What you know about Jhene Neo?? Lol!! I think her music is so under-rated.. This is MY songgg though!! --Temp

    1. lol! Honey I love her!!! I don't think she under the right people, she deserves a huge deal and needs to drop an album. Her and Karina.


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