Youtube| Collab & Inspire Featuring iKnowlee

We all could use some inspiration. For those of you that are thinking about transitioning and going natural this video is just for you. For those of you that are new to the natural hair community, this video is for you. For every man, woman, and child that rocks their natural hair with pride and confidence whether in a fade, (TWA) teeny weeny afro, locs, afro, etc...this video is also for you! Let's all come together and help inspire others. To be a natural is to be free. LOVE your hair and LOVE the person rocking it!

Check out ladies that came together with me to share with you our natural hair stories and why we love our hair as much as we do. 

What about you? Share your story! ^_^

A big thanks to the lovely ladies that submitted to be apart of this video. You're greatly appreciated and I'm more than certain that we all inspired someone. Natural hair is beautiful and so are you. 

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