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oddka vodka

Oddka Vodka is a premium spirits and wine company launched by Pernod Ricard. He discovered a new brand of vodka and named it, ODDKA® in October 2012. ODDKA Vodka is currently only available in Alabama, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. ODDKA is however expanding both globally and nationally in the Spring of 2013!

Want to learn more about their uniquely odd and yet delicious flavors that so many people love? ODDKA is available in 750 ml bottles for the suggested retail price of $15.99 in original, clear vodka (40% alc./vol., 80 proof) and five unconventional flavors (30% alc./vol., 60 proof):

  • Apple Pie: For when you desperately yearn for the sweet taste of apples and cinnamon and can’t get one of grandma’s apple pies. Mixes best with Fanta, Coke or Ginger Ale.
  • Electricity: A bolt of lightning in a bottle—but safer; tickling taste buds and sparking curiosity everywhere.
  • Fresh Cut Grass: Nothing beats this home-mown taste; it’s crisp, citrusy, sweet and refreshing. Mixes best with Dr. Pepper, Ginger Beer or Soda Water.
  • Salty Caramel Popcorn: If ODDKA Vodka were a movie, this flavor would be a caramel comedy with a sea salt subplot and a warm, feel-good ending. Mixes best with Fanta, Ginger Ale, Coke or Iced Tea.
  • Wasabi: This tribute to the spicy burn of the sharp Asian condiment will satisfy your craving for something fiery. Mixes best with Ginger Ale and is perfect for a Bloody Mary.
The very crafty and witty fellow and mascot behind ODDKA Vodka is Wit Oddoski. He is the perfect ODD mascot and he is also the voice and inspiration behind the ODDKA brand. What exactly makes him so ODD? Well, if you hadn't noticed by now, he is a virtual character living in the real world. He was born as a 2-D line drawing. With this rare condition as a 2-D line drawing, it leads him to view the world a bit more differently than others.

Oddka Vodka Fans can interact with Wit via the “ODDstache” mobile app, available for free download on iTunes.
When using the ODDstache app, men and women alike can grow their very own virtual mustache using a photo of their choice. To mature, the mustaches need tending; growth can be accelerated with grooming, feeding and by sharing with friends on Facebook—the more “Likes” received, the more ODD it will grow. Have fun & be ODDmireable! 

I would definitely love to try the Apple Pie vodka. If Oddka Vodka is available in your state just yet, don't worry. As stated before, they're expanding in 2013. Perfect time to get your parties planned. Oddka vodka flavored spirits will be the life of the party! 

To learn more about ODDKA and Wit’s adventures, “Like” ODDKA Vodka on Facebook or follow Wit on Twitter at @WitOddoski.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Oddka.

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