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LFN Giveaway Winner| Tempestt Perry

February 28, 2012
Congrats to Tempestt Perry for winning my first ever LFN contest. "Welcome to 2012: Manifest Up Contest/ Giveaway". I didn't want to go all out for this one because I'm building up a foundation. Who doesn't love FREE stuff?! Yes, FREE! The contest began in january and ended February 10, 2012. I was super excited to announce the winner. She deserved it! Fair win simply because she shared referrals, entered numerous times, and followed directions, lol! 

I definitely enjoyed seeing people enter the contest. This one went very well so the next one I'm planning will be even better! Hopefully, Many more entries will be received. If you LIKE me on Facebook, you will be the first to know about any giveaway or LFN-related news. In real time media, whoo!! Again, congrats Tempestt. You go girl!

Random Post| Its After 3AM...

My heart is weighing so heavy right now. So much has taken a tole on me in the past 15 hours that its just hard to fathom. You know the feeling you get when you lose a loved one or when you read something that makes your heart just drop? Well, for the past few hours I've been releasing tears. Off and on. Someone I thought was close to me sees me as an enemy. Why? Blaming the world for their unhappiness. Making spur of the moment decisions not thought out but making those that love them suffer. I'm torn. I give and offer so much of my time to people that it's sad to come to the realization that they are weak. It's never good to be a follower. You'll more than likely be lead into a trap. I'm afraid. I wish I could reverse the clock of time. I can't. I wish I could stop the decision of this person from taking place. I can't! This situation cuts me so deeply that if I allowed my emotions to completely consume me, I would probably go into cardiac arrest. I'm not getting into details but I'm deeply saddened. It all happened so fast. It's hard to believe its actually still happening. Why?!!!!
"Anything to take the pain away..."

Saturday Night Studio Love| Jhene Aiko

February 25, 2012
Do you remember this gorgeous songstress? Many of you might not but if you once had a thing for the guys of vintage boy group, B2K, then you may have seen her a few times. The then 15 year old, Jhene Aiko was signed to T.U.G Records/ Epic Records with Chris Stokes alongside B2K. Many people knew her as Lil Fizz's "cousin" even thought they're not related. 

She also made a cameo as the girl in the headphones in the B2K-"Uh Huh" video. She left the labels to continue her education. In 2008, she gave birth to a babygirl, Namiko, who's father happens to be O'Ryan. You may remember his as well. The brother of singer, Omarion. He dropped a few songs too but didn't really go mainstream. In you listen to Drake, you heard her on the 2010 single, "July". In 2011, Jhene signed to the No I.D. label, Atrium, which is distributed through Def Jam. She will be 24 March 16th. Overall, the girl has a beautiful voice and I really enjoy her music. Check out two of my favorites. Enjoy.

Compulsive Polish Lover| Cupcakes & Glitter

February 23, 2012
Today I was in serious need of a fill-in. Since I had to go work at the salon today, I decided to work on my nails while I waited on clients. I broke my "acrylic fast" three weeks ago because I ended up breaking two of my natural nails. They looked so uneven that I just decided to give myself an overlay. I waved off the nail crack for a few months prior due to weakened nails and began using the CND Shellac gel polish system. I love it. Just for the sake of having nice-looking nails, I added extensions. I wanted something wild, fun, and super glittery this time around. Check out the routine I use on my clients as well as myself:

  • Remove any polish you may have layered onto your nails with acetone.
  • Take a cuticle nipper and remove any loose or hanging cuticles, carefully. Do NOT pull the roots. If you do so, you will experience inflammation and be at risk of possible nail infection.
  • Upon removal, begin to file or drill over the nail, starting between the new growth and acrylic layer. 
  • Once you have completed that step, set up to fill. Depending on the acrylic that was previously laid,  you may need to use a natural or clear powder. In my case, I used natural. Be sure to apply a primer before you fill.

Guilty Pleasures| BoneFish Grill

I must say, before I get into detail about my oh so AMAZING experience here that I had an awesome night. Perfect place. Nope, I wasn't alone, if you were wondering, lol. Enjoyed my evening with family. For those of you who don't know what BoneFish Grill is, it's a nice, high-end seafood restaurant. Super sophisticated and classy, just like I like it. PLUS! No worries, the prices aren't too bad. If you plan to eat here for two, be prepared to spend up to $60 or more.

Heading Back To Fro Lane| Weave-Less

Full Head Sew-In

Welp, it was nice rocking my weaves for the past month and a half. I enjoyed being my alter egos, lol. In mid Janurary, I gave myself a sew-in using the Outre Indian Hair in "Baby Soft Wave", 10 inches. The hair quality was very good, especially for the price I paid, my goodness. 

I didn't keep it in for long though, 3 weeks to be exact. Then I took it down and decided to wear a wig that I made back in September of 2011. It was more blonde than black when I first put it together so I ended up using hairspray color to add more black tint to the hair. I LOVED both looks.

Saturday Night Studio Love| Stevie Wonder

February 18, 2012
Ohhhhh!!! Got to love the old school legends. So many to choose from, so many sounds to enjoy. I love me some Stevie Wonder. Alongside many other great and successful musicians, his smooth melodies and rythmic grooves makes his music untouchable. I believe I was often born in the wrong decade at times. I love music with true substance and his happens to be apart of my musical LIFE! Stevie is known for making music that applied to the lives of everyday struggles, joys, memories, etc. Enjoy my faves for the night...

Nicki Minaj| The Catholic Controversy

February 17, 2012

I'm not going to say I despise the hustle of Nicki but I watched her Grammy performance of her latest single, "Roman Holiday", from this past Sunday and couldn't help but shake my head. Is it just me or has being mainstream sucked the "Onika" out of Nicki? I say yes. Her music was a lot more raw in her beginning hustle but the bigger she got, the more animated she's become. Calm down Nicki stans, I'm not bashing the woman. Her split personalties and various characters are a bit much for me. 

I'm not going to lie, I've sung to a few of her singles since she's been under Young Money. But, that Grammy performance popped the cherry off her cupcake. I'm sure she had her wild reasons for wanting to go with a performance that plagiarized the Catholic church and stirred up even more controversy about "Illuminati". As I watched it, it seemed like a performance you would expect for Kanye West to do. Something that reminded me of his, "Power" video.

Mirror Check| C-Cups & Self Love

February 16, 2012

It's taken me a while to really get to a point where I'm happy with my figure. I remember being a bit thicker than a snicker once upon a time lol. Back in 2008, I was. Maybe the breakup I experienced during that time sped up my metabolism or maybe I was just coming into my own, hormonally. I was young so who knows? Growing up, I was never the "popular girl" with the perfect shape. I wanted to be but it wasn't something I forced myself to be. Life moves along. I was nine years old when I started to develop my boobies.

 It was a hit for the young boys at school for sure. I remember being in the forth grade, in line, when this boy in my class poked me in the side of my right breast. I was set ablaze then, pissed. I told on him because I felt violated and he was told to apologize to me lol. *sigh*

Weave is NOT Natural| The Stereotype of the "Natural-Haired Woman"

February 14, 2012
Aw! Here we go again! I recently had a small-minded person use my own ammunition against me. I must say, I've definitely said my peace about women and weaves. For the past month I haven't worn my natural hair, it's been protected. There is a difference with a woman rocking a weave as a necessity versus a woman rocking weave as an accessory. 

My opinion is that if you NEVER rock your own hair, natural or not, there may be an underlying discomfort or that a woman may not see herself as beautiful unless she's living in what society defines as beautiful or sexy. Kind of like how they say being skinny is better than being big. Not true. everyone isn't meant to be a size 0 or a size 16, simple as that. A woman that wears a weave every blue moon is a versatile woman. A chameleon in her own right. Confidence is her name. I was told, "Why are you wearing weave if you're natural? Isn't that being a fake? What was the point of going natural for you then?"

No Makeup & Smaller Pores in Minutes

February 3, 2012
The secret to beauty is not packing piles of makeup onto your face or sleeping in it hoping it'll still be picture perfect when you wake up. The secret is all in how you care for your skin at home. Like many, we may get an occasional breakout from satisfying cravings we need to avoid but we're only human, right? I often get complimented on my skin. "OMG, are you wearing foundation? Your skin is flawless." Not everyday. I recently started wearing liquid foundation from a luxury salon brand not sold in stores. It's amazing and nothing compared to filler-filled formulations. Before using that however, I would only do cleanser, moisturizer and eyeshadow. I still do, of course, but foundation is only whenever I'm working in the salon.

Podcast Lounge| Meet LadySonya

February 1, 2012

lady sonya
The worst thing you can do is give up on your dreams. A lesson I learned quickly from Lady Sonya herself during the interview.  If you don't know this phenomenal woman by now, where have you been? Drive, Talent, Beauty and Business Savvy ...this Lady is a force of nature bound to bless us all with more to love! 

This celebrity piano instructor is nothing short of an intelligent, sophisticated, talented, and natural beauty. The woman behind the Lady University Movement, LadySonya Music Studio, and iNetworkDoYou. 

LadySonya's amazing talents along with consistent faith, sacrifice, and determination has allowed her to bing great substance to the music industry. LadySonya has aspired to use her skills to chase her dreams as well as helping others to do the same with theirs.