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Mirror Check| Are You Envious or Jealous By Choice?

May 14, 2012

This was a recent encounter of mines. I really needed some input on why some women tend to judge quickly on a woman they feel is either a threat or happens to be more attractive. Not physically, but as in character. You can feel a person's energy. I believe there is a compilation that stems outside human nature. Below are some opinions I collected from my social like and personal pages. What are your thoughts on this.

I would first like to thank those who gave their opinions. I value them greatly. I also love the interaction I received. I will be doing more posts like this in the future. 

Resourceful| Do I Look Like The Hook Up To You?

May 3, 2012

As if being a black anything isn't already a problem many of us have against us. Let me ask this. Are you a black entrepreneur or business owner? I'm sure, that like myself, you may have encountered people that wanted "the hook up". I have quite a few times. Being a black nail technician among many other things, people often feel the need to think that they have an advantage of knowing you or believe that just because you're black and they're black that you will be very willing to give away your services for little to no cost for them. WHAT?! No way!