SVERVE: A Blogger's Social Networking Addiction

What is Sverve & Why Is It So Awesome?

As a pretty cool blogger I know the importance of networking and sharing information. I spend a majority of my day on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and ALWAYS on my email. I love meeting and connecting with new bloggers and getting helpful tips and various inspirational ideas! So you can only imagine how excited I was when I found out about Sverve. Hmm.. How exactly did I I find out? I pretty much went on a random search for more opportunities to connect with other bloggers in various niches.  Sverve is a Pinterest-like style networking site that not only gives you access to other bloggers but also is a gateway for PR reps and others that are looking to hire bloggers. They have a job board and everything.  I have already found some bloggers I never even knew existed.
The first day I joined, which is free to do so, I immediately began to see how awesome Sverve is for writers. It's geared towards "Mom bloggers" but there are also men apart of the Sverve movement. You definitely do not have to just be a mom blogger to join. Cool, right?

Sverve-How Does It Work:

Unleash your social verve and manage your social media influence effectively. Sverve gives you a platform to highlight your areas of expertise and earn the credit you deserve. Here’s how:
  • Simply add up to 5 areas of influence on your profile (beauty, technology, career, etc)
  • Ask your followers to endorse you
  • Share quality information on the Sverve platform like your latest blog posts and best tips
  • Share frequently and often as possible, if you can
UPDATE: Your Influence Score was previously generated based on endorsements that you get and the type of the content you create and active interaction with other postings. As of May 31st, Sverve now bases your score on three major components. 1. Sverve Influence 2. Blog Influence 3. Social Influence. 

What does this mean? Your endorsements, Blog page views and rankings, along with social media profile popularity will influence your overall score. As more people like, favorite and share your tips, your score will increase. You will have a score for each area of influence as well as an overall score.
This is where I am currently. I made the leader board my very first day!!! SWEET! I also discovered that if you're SEO conscious, Sverve is a GREAT way to build backlinks to your blogs and websites! Members read, share, comment, and even favorite your valuable content. The more engaging, the more shares you're likely to receive. 
SVERVE Score Before Change
SVERVE Score After Changes

It will take a little while to build up your score. Mines has been going up pretty steadily. You have to share, share a lot and connect with other Sverve bloggers. As you get more endorsements your number starts to raise. The higher the number ( and your spot on the leader board) the more likely you are to be hired if you meet the job requirements. Here's how the you can see where you stand on the Sverve boards:

Sverve-My Final Thoughts

I have to admit that the campaigns/job aspect is pretty cool and I love that it is all in one place. Majority of the jobs come from ProBlogger. Cool! The reason I love Sverve so much though is because it connects me with a broad range of bloggers. For many of us, we kind of seem to get stuck in certain groups and forget to branch out and connect with other niche bloggers. I have found to blogs that I didn’t even know existed and I have have surely found many new great bloggers to follow- yes, it's THAT awesome. I'm sure you will like it too. No doubt. 
Check out Sverve and let me know what you think! While you are there, don’t forget to visit my profile (Neosha Gardner) so I can endorse you! Share this with your friends! ^_^

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  1. LOVE Sverve! The connections - from blogger to brand, and from blogger to blogger - are authentic and valuable. A fantastic tool for any website.

  2. Sverve sounds interesting. i want to try it out. i have a male cat. he is like my son.

  3. lol well you definitely should give it a try. Feel free to talk about your awesome cat :)


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