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This is super exciting but I was able to partner with the wonderful folk over at (TBW), The Blog Workshop. Awesome right? If you're not familiar with The Blog Workshop, here's what you need to know:
the blog workshop

The Blog Workshop is an exclusive 3-Day online blogging conference for new and veteran bloggers (vloggers, etc). Their mission is to help take your blogging and vlogging to the next level in online business. I'm definitely excited to be attending the May 17th-19th event. Unlike many blogging workshops that you have to travel to and spend hundreds on, The Blog Workshop makes it easy for you to attend via ANYWHERE you desire for 9 times less the cost of traveling and accommodations. Talk about convenience.

You can expect a ton of valuable information from The Blog Workshop that will allow you to skyrocket your blogging/vlogging and really turn it into a booming online business for yourself, if that's your mission. The conference agenda is jam-packed with informative workshops and speakers from IZEA, Blog Trends, The Blog Frog, Blogads, and more!

Check out the video below:

Did I forget to mention that the cost to be apart of this awesome workshop is literally wild?! In a great way though. If you need assistance with attending this conference, TBW also offers grants and scholarships for anyone interested. Cool right? As a special bonus to my readers, TBW has allowed me to offer you a special discount code. YES, save $25 on your admission using CODE: TBW25RGNEE >> My special code expires on April 5th! 

Take advantage and BE THERE!!! I'll save a bunch of virtual hugs for you! :) 
See you at TBW!! 

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