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Hey lovers! So I came across something I believed you would love. More so if you're a chameleon like me and change your hair style up quite often. Mayvenn Hair Beauty Supply is a new, and thriving online beauty supply store for women of color.

Looks like I have a new best hairfriend. 

If you don't know by now, the African American hair care product industry is a $9 Billion a year market where consumers spend 3 times more than any other demographic in the U.S. There are 95% of African American hair salons that do not have a retail component to their business. Products are currently purchased at local beauty supply stores by majority of women seeking a new "do".

Mayvenn empowers stylists and salons to retail products without having to purchase or manage any inventory.Mayvenn has also created a direct sales distribution channel based on the existing stylist/customer relationship, lower prices, and a better experience. Stylists using Mayvenn Hair Beauty Supply are shown to be increasing their revenue per client by 42%.

Mayvenn Hair Beauty Supply | All About Her-ir Bizness!

Mayvenn was founded in 2012, with corporate office based in California. You can learn more about the CEOs anytime, Taylor Wang and Diishan Imira. Their primary focus is on the African American market and providing high grade Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Extentions. Mayvenn sets up every stylist with their own website, they refer their clients to buy from their website rather than the beauty supply store and they earn 15-20% from every sale. Mayvenn delivers the orders direct to the client or Salon. 
I must say, this is something I will for sure be sharing with more people. It'll be perfect for those who come to me for hair services. Why spend so much at the beauty supply store when you can special order your hair products? Just the way you want them. Mayvenn Hair Beauty Supply is perfect for those of you who own hair salons, are seeking better quality hair for protective styling, freelance styling, and more. 

You probably already suggest to your clients what to buy and where to buy it. When you join Mayvenn, simply refer your clients to your own Mayvenn website where they can buy the style and length of hair they need. We'll ship out the product directly to your client and handle all the customer service.  Best of all, YOU get the sale.... not the beauty supply store! - Mayvenn
I haven't personlly, seen or tried any of their hair but from the research I've done and reviews I've seen, Mayvenn seems to be quite promising. A little secret garden...

If you're interested in getting your own online beauty supply setup, you can contact Mayvenn via their website or you can call 1-888-562-7952. What do you think? Will you shop Mayvenn?


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