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Vibrant Colors | 9 Bold Lip Colors for Women of Color + VIDEO

July 27, 2013
Hey again everyone! It's been a long time coming but this post is for all my bold lipstick-wearing ladies. I often get tons of compliments and questions regarding the lip colors that I tend to rock quite often. I'm a big lipstick lover. I will say that all the colors I share below may not be for everyone. If you're someone that loves to stand out and express a lot more than just a pretty face, these 9 bold lip colors for women of color will be just for you! 

There use to be some taboo stigma to wearing super bright and bold colors on your lips. Most often black women would simply stick to neutrals and reds. Even red would send some ladies running for the mountains. Fashion and beauty is changing so rapidly that it's had to keep up sometimes. A woman can truly shine and speak without a word just by the color on her lips. Did you know colors have psychological meanings? Yep. It's not just serving design and interior decorating purposes. Lipsticks for women of color can range from bold hues of blue to deep shades of red. Talk about instant fun! 

RNG Curlfriend| Meet Danyelle Milton

July 26, 2013

Meet Danyelle Milton

HairType: Type 4 (a,b,c)-Kinky Hair

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5 Super Simple Ways Novice Bloggers Can Make Money!

July 24, 2013

You may have seen an article like this before sharing ways you can actually make money blogging. Like many of you, what I read never really explained the "how" part. I'll share with you 5 ways that you can easily begin to generate blogging income. This isn't a post that will make you rich over night but if you desire to turn blogging into a full-time job, then it can certainly happen. 

GUEST POST | The Aftermath: Interview With Rhonda Lee, Former KTBS-TV Meteorologist

July 12, 2013
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rhonda lee interview aftermath
You may remember back in December 2012 the name, Rhonda Lee, 37. The former meteorologist of Louisiana's own KTBS-TV that was fired for defending her short natural hairstyle via social media platform, Facebook. We've all read the story and we all called an unfair and unjust business move on the TV station's end. You can read more about her story here

Since the issue occurred, Rhonda Lee has been on interviews and featured on CNN with Soledad O'Brien,,, and much more. Talk about publicity... today's guest post is brought to you by Ashley Moncrieffe. Find out what's been going on since Rhonda Lee was fired for rightfully defending her hair. Read the full blown interview story exclusively below. 

Lovin' My Tresses Tuesday | DeAnna Eure

July 9, 2013

Name: DeAnna Eure