My Experience With #TIDALforALL

my experience with tidal

Tidal - something you may feel is the greatest failure in music history if you only go by what others tweet throughout Black Twitter. I wanted to think the latter and give it a fair chance before passing judgment. Even more so after catching Jay-Z defending the company with #TidalFacts this past week.

If you're not familiar with Tidal, think of it as the Hulu Plus version of Spotify vs the Netflix version. No, Jay-Z does not own 100% of the company but he does hold a pretty penny portion of stake. Tidal is a lossless audio streaming service. In other words, quality is way better when it comes to HOW you listen to your music.

I gave Tidal a try. They have two subscriptions available that will each allow you to take a test drive for 30 days. Tidal Premium is the standard version and sound for $9.99 a month and Tidal HiFi is the lossless high fidelity sound quality version that's 19.99 a month. I chose to give the HiFi a go since I can experience standard on free streaming apps. My thoughts:


  • Very Hi-Res video (1080p)
  • Sound quality is immaculate compared to Spotify app.
  • Love the exclusive behind the scenes footage.

  • I don't listen to music enough to truly enjoy the app.
  • $19.99 a month is pointless to pay in my case.
my experience with tidal
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A lot of people call Tidal a fail simply because of what they saw. It's a "These folks rich already, why should I pay to listen to your music when I can do it for free?" - it's not about paying them more, it's about the experience they want their fans to have. I'm not a fangirl but hey. Of course, they'll continue to make their bread. It's a business. 

In my opinion, the overall experience is definitely great but unless you're a die-hard music addict or blogger in the industry niche for this, then you might not find Tidal of any use and just stick to the freebies. I did appreciate the exclusive footage though. If the goal of Tidal is to support more "underground" artists or however, I feel that celebrity conference should have enlisted the underground artists to represent instead of the multi-millionaire artists who have already "made it".

Overall, if you haven't given Tidal a try, check it out here. I'm still in my trial period (like many) but I'm sure continuing my subscription will not happen.



  1. Finally an unbiased true opinion about this. I applaud them for providing a different experience for their fans. However, like you, I'm probably not going to even venture to purchase a subscription. When it come to music, Spotify and YouTube are my go-to. I'm not that much of a die-hard fan lol

    1. Lol right! I'm with you. If I was a music blogger, it would totally be worth it. I'll stick to my YouTube and Spotify too.


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