Summertime fine


Summertime fine

We’re already three days into June – hot weather and itchy nose season multiplied times 10 for me. This is also the time where I’m most prone to getting extra cute for no reason at all. Maybe it’s the humidity that causes for even more maxi dresses, bare legs, and off the shoulder tees.

It’s also protective style season for my hair as well. My hair gets SUPER dry during these months in GA so keeping it moisturized and protected with limited touch helps. I purchased some  Red Heart yarn and will be doing some loc wraps again so keep an eye out for that chameleon awesomeness.

You may recall my small bag essentials post where I shared a few items that are a MUST! Well, summer is also a great time to keep things minimal. Less is more. The makeup routine to match my summertime fine fly will be subtle fierce.

  • Dark, bold winged liner
  • Vibrant lipstick shades
  • Neutral eyes + popped lashes
  • Naturally tailored brows

For the win!

The Go-To Products will be of course, my favorite cream eyeliner, lip colors from Covergirl and KaOir collections, Tantalizing Taupe eyeshadow palette from ELF, and brush set for application via Coastal Scents.

What’s your summertime fine consist of this year?

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  1. I definitely rely on mini-twists, super black mascara, a bright red lip, patterned sundresses, and ankle-strapped heels during the summer months. I like to keep a simple uniform that keeps me cool yet stylish.

    Happy Sunday

  2. That sounds perfect for summer! he bright red lip especially!

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